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Excerpts from the Israeli Press

Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
The Mann Auditorium, Tel-Aviv

By Israel Daliot

Refreshing Account of Familiar Works

... full command of the orchestra and a solid grasp of every score. The performances were admirable, with right tempi and dynamics, sensitive phrasing, and no trace of artificial "fireworks" for their own sake.

Particularly successful and convincing was the Suite No.2 from Daphnis and Chloe, by Ravel. An orchestra jewel, a challenge and measuring stick for every serious conductor who claims his right to the podium.

... the orchestra, who had played this work numerous times with various conductors, collaborated with the conductor out of true involvement, responding with vitality to every suggestion and wish. Ben-Dor moulded the Suite's development with wisdom and restraint, as well as an uncanny sense of balance, from the mysterious and poetic "dawn" to the jubilant "Danse generale."

By Harai Golomb

Lady of Substance

This was not an ordinary "Light Classical Music" concert. Conductor Gisèle Ben-Dor, a Uruguayan-born Israeli, now active in the US, treats every sound with utmost attention and commitment ...

The conductor demonstrated full command of the score and of every aspect of the orchestral mechanism in the excerpts from the ballet, Gayaneh, by Khachaturian 1878-1903). The level of rhythmic precision and acoustic balance between the sections was exemplary, high and above the average heard at the Philharmonic in recent concerts ...

The Suite No. 2 from Daphnis and Chloe, by Ravel, was given a brilliant performance, presenting all the impetus and elan which characterized the entire concert.

The Jerusalem Symphony
Program of French Music

By Binor Schmitt

Impressive Conductor

The young conductor, Gisèle Ben-Dor, displayed impressive leadership and authority, together with an ability to influence orchestral sound, which yesterday was pliable and tender, even exotic ... She created a magical sonic world, bringing out exquisite orchestral colors, as well as the work's full spiritual beauty in marvelous sound landscapes (Ravel's Mother Goose Suite) ... The audience was exhilirated.

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