GISÈLE BEN-DOR , conductor



Alberto Ginastera

  • Panambí - Ballet - World Premiere Recording




The Boston Tab

June 3, 1999

"Ginastera: Panambi; Estancia"

John W. Ehrlich

These two early ballets announced to the world that a new, talented and important South American voice had emerged in Argentina. Throughout his life, Ginasera's public persona was one almost obsessively shy and insecure, in true dichotomy with the powerful, rhythm-drenched music he created. Ben-Dor secures ethereally atmospheric playing from the London Symphony Orchestra, but also encourages the players to erupt with volcanic ferocity when Ginastera asks for it. While occasionally derivative of Stravinsky and Ravel, this music is primal, immensely colorful and, like that of Manuel Revueltas, at last being reassesed as of very high quality and originality.

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